Can embedded software development services solve your business needs?

How many times have you encountered a business problem that involved you installing electronics onto a product? How many times did you think it was impossible to solve the problem without dealing with an “embedded” software development team?

Software is the key to most of today’s businesses, whether it is solving business challenges through employee management software or creating cutting-edge software for a specific industry. In fact, the demand for new software that meets a multitude of challenges is increasing on a daily basis. While there are many ways to achieve your company goals, choosing embedded software development is one of the more popular options presented.

We are the leading software design and development company in the Embedded Software space. We use tried and tested methods to deliver scalable, efficient, and cost-effective digital solutions, changing how you work, how you compete, and how your customers experience you.

What is Embedded Software?

Can embedded software development services solve your business needs? Embedded software is computer code integrated into a device’s Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EPROM). It is the software portion of an embedded system, ensuring the hardware functions properly. Embedded system software engineers use C, C++, and Assembly language to create embedded programs. These programs control hardware devices and may also connect them to an external user interface–such as a touchscreen or input buttons. Embedded devices include everything from navigation systems, robotics systems, smart cars, and manufacturing, to refrigerators, thermostats, and coffee machines.

Firmware and embedded software development services

The field of firmware and embedded software development has changed drastically over the past few years. Advances in technology have allowed the addition of many new capabilities to embedded devices, but it can be challenging to effectively implement these capabilities when using a fixed firmware platform. In order to develop on a chip-level, developers must embrace architecture-neutral programming and compilation tools including processor-independent languages. Developing in this manner not only allows you to share code across platforms but it also increases productivity and creates features faster than ever before. The process of embedded software design is a very complex task with its own headaches and solutions to problems that arise during its development.

Embedded software development and firmware implementation is the process of integrating computer software into embedded system hardware. This includes (but is not limited to) computers, medical devices, cars, appliances, and cell phones.

Who needs embedded software development services?

Embedded software development is a very intricate process, and there are so many phases that need to be followed during the early stages of product development. Like every phase, each part of the life cycle has its own set of challenges and goals. To generate revenue and stay competitive, and unfair technological advantage is a key. To keep it rolling, it is important to understand the software cycle and its main phases so one can steer his company in the right direction for a prosperous future.

That is why our embedded systems software engineer develops all our Firmware Software with speed and quality in mind without ever sacrificing reliability or performance. 

Requirements Analysis & Creation Phase

Requirements analysis & creation phase

Requirement analysis and development is a crucial part of any embedded software development project; it is, perhaps, the most important phase in the entire software development life cycle. It is during this phase that all requirements are captured, documented, analyzed, and verified. A broad definition for requirement analysis would be “the process of identifying, documenting, analyzing and verifying requirements”.

Software Design ​Phase

Software design ​phase

The software design phase is the time when an engineer determines the performance, architecture, and internal structures and procedures of a given application. During this phase, engineers identify a design approach, using the available design strategies that best match the project requirements. There are several stages to the software design phase, including initial requirement analysis, conceptual design, and logical design.

Software Construction Phase

Software construction phase

The Embedded Software construction phase is when the software engineer and the programming team bring together the user requirements and the program specifications, to provide the complete structure of the system. This phase is lengthy and spans multiple milestones, during which specific tasks are carried out by the engineering team. Also, if executed properly, it allows us to build continuous integration around each software component.

Software integration phase

The Embedded Software Integration Phase is a crucial part of the development cycle for any embedded software project. It is the time when all the disparate parts of your system come together, allowing them to start exhibiting the behaviors you intended and predicted.

Software Testing Phase

Software testing phase

The goal of embedded software testing is to find faults and errors which could lead to problems during the product’s lifecycle. To accomplish this objective, several testing techniques can be applied. Once the bugs have been found and corrected, the process would start all over again. The loop would continue until the product requirements are met. This process for embedded software testing is known as Development-Test-Development.

Software Deployment ​Phase

Software deployment ​phase

In embedded software development, the embedded software deployment phase is a crucial factor in successful software product delivery. Interfacing with electronic hardware components, connected to a microcontroller or microprocessor, within a given or given set of condition(s), helps one achieve the desired results in the form of a particular working product. The embedded software deployment phase sees the execution of such hardware-embedded programs.

Software maintenance ​phase

During the life cycle of an embedded software product, it is important to monitor and update software, to ensure compatibility with changing application environments.

Who needs embedded software development

It would be hard to imagine modern life without technology. In fact, most things we do on a daily basis are made possible thanks to embedded software development. If you take a look around, you will see embedded software in every part of your life: computers, cars, mobile phones, appliances, and so on. When people think about embedded software industries, various industries come to mind, including transportation, aerospace, industrial equipment, medical devices, and so on. Almost every modern-day business is hard to imagine without embedded solutions.

If you are looking for a way to reduce the time and complexity of firmware and embedded software development, DataBridge is the best partner to choose. We know you want to get your product in your customers’ hands as quickly as possible. That is why we develop all our Embedded Firmware Solutions with speed and quality in mind, without ever sacrificing reliability or performance.

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